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Room Thermometers (Nest Thermostat not an option)

Community Member

Hi all, 

New boy from the UK here, I currently only have Google assistant on my phone and am thinking of buying a Nest Gen 2

Are there any google assistant/nest compliant room thermometers I can put in the kids room so that I can ask Google assistant what temp their rooms are? Ones that do not require Nest Thermostat as I live in a rented house and cannot mess about with things like that.

I did a search for this but it all seems to be specifically for Nest Thermostats.

Or is there another smart display that has a room thermometer on it that I could put in their room, the baby is the most important one, and then have the nest 2 in the living room? like a Lenovo smart clock, or even a second nest display?




Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

There does appear to be some devices on the market that could fit this use case. I'll link an example below, but this isn't a recommendation, you'd probably want to read up on some reviews first.