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Setting up Google nest speaker via app after router change

Community Member

All I was trying to do originally was change my Nest to new Wi-Fi router but then ended up unable to pair with phone's bluetooth.

So I'm on Google Home app (Android phone) trying to connect to Google Nest speaker via bluetooth. The Nest speaker is named 'Bedroom speaker' in Bluetooth list (Speaker is on) but my phone can't pair with it. When I '+ Add' speaker to Google Home as a new device and then go to 'Set up a device', choose my home location then 'Next', it asks for Location Access but as this already has Permissions, I can't get any further in the set up.

Sorry if this isn't very clear but not exactly tech-savvy about these things.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as it's driving me nuts.




Did you follow these instructions for updating the Wi-Fi settings for your Nest Mini?

Google Nest does not make it easy to update Wi-Fi settings on most Google Nest devices. That's why their first recommendation when getting a new router/modem is to set the network name (SSID) and password to the same values used on your old router/modem. That's what we did when we got a new router/modem a year or so, and we didn't have to update any of our Google Nest devices.

If you can't do that, then the general process is to remove the device from the Google Home app while you are on the old Wi-Fi network, do a factory reset (, and then reinstall the device in the Google Home app while on the new Wi-Fi network.

Thanks for getting back. Problem is I'm going round in a circle. When I try adding the device it keeps asking for 'Allow Location Permission' in phone settings but it already has permission. The fact that it's impossible to pair the Nest with the phone's Bluetooth settings can't be helping. 

Community Member

Sorry meant to say too late to try your workaround with the previous router etc. 


I don't know why you're getting an "Allow Location Permission" message, but perhaps it's because your Nest Mini still has your old Wi-Fi settings. Have you tried removing your Nest Mini from the Google Home app (if you can), doing a factory reset, and then reinstalling it in the Google Home app?

Got it working now. It was all to do with adding device to Location Services Permissions. 

Thanks for your support.