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Silence or delete recurring alarms from phone

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I have 2 alarms set on my Google speaker, one is at 6 AM. The speaker is not in vocal range from the bedroom, i should be able to be able to silence that alarm early similar to the way it works on my phone alarms. I couldn't find a screen where it shows everything that is planned to happen on the speaker. There should be something similar to the routines screen but for all planned events and you should be able to delete them for the day or change them from your phone without having to actually talk to the speaker. If there is please let me know.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Being able to silence or display your upcoming alarms is a great feature, but not available on the Google Nest Hub. Also, alarms can only be created and stopped on the device it was set on, and you can't ask the Assistant to create an alarm for another device.


We're always looking for ways to improve -- we'll take this as feedback. You can also send feedback using your device by saying, "Hey Google, send feedback." Visit this link for more steps.