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Unable to play from Netflix via Nest Mini to Android TV with Chromecast Built-in.

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I found a similar article on my concern OP is using a sony TV but never got to a solution because OP never replied back and conversation is now closed.



Hello everyone! I am fairly new to this platform, we recently bought a nest mini and had this android TLC with chromecast built in. I thought to myself it would be easier to just talk to the Nest Mini to play from Netflix. 


I made sure it is connected to one network, i even went to reset everything just to make sure I don't miss any setting with conflict if there's any.


You'll see that they're all registered in one Home App, and are on the same network. 


When i ask Nest Mini to play, the response I always get would be:


Sure, **** from Netflix. Playing on Niji's TV. Sorry I can't play Netflix on Android TV yet. Try using your Android TV remote instead. 

I'd appreciate any help. I just tried to do this today so I'm not sure if I missed anything. 






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