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Using a Google smart speaker

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This is probably a really silly question but I cannot find an answer anywhere. 
I have never used a smart speaker. I have a Samsung Smartphone and a new kitchen in which I want to do two things - play radio stations and podcasts probably all from BBC sounds. 
- play music from spotify. 
So looking to get a smart speaker. 
Lots of info on setting it up but not on using it day-to-day. Happy to set it up on my phone but then do not want to have to use the phone at all once set up. 
Once set up, if my phone is a mile away will it still function, (is the phone only used as a screen to setup or is it a vital element)?
Can I then go in the kitchen and tell it to "xx  play radio 2" or "xx play Chris Rea On The Beach album on spotify" and it do this without me needing the phone in the room? 
Will they all do this or do I need to get a specific type? 
I really do not want it to do anything else! 


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hi Ellisfield10,

Once set up using your mobile device and the Google Home app speakers and displays will function without the mobile device needed.

You will be able to request radio stations and music from Spotify using voice commands. You will need a Spotify subscription that you can login with during set up to be able to request specific music otherwise it will play a music station based on the type of music requested.

Have a look at the Google Nest help center link below for more information about music services.