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Where can I find a chromecast-enabled subwoofer to go along with my Nest Audio speakers?

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I have 8 Nest Audio speakers in 4 pairs throughout the house. 4 in the living room used for front and rear speaker pairs. I'd love to add a subwoofer behind the couch. But I can't find any standalone chromecast enabled subwoofer. All come with soundbars which i dont need. Where can I find a subwoofer since chromecast Audio is no longer able to be bought new to turn any subwoofer into chromecast enabled?


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I got an similar configuration and use 7 speaker in a room with a tripple stereo configuration. With the 7th, a Nest Hub 2'nd generation, i connected a bluetooth transmitter as a bluetooth speaker and this way i am able to operate an active 700w JBL subwoofer. No delay is configured. It seems that it adjust itself automatically. I recommend to operate that amount of speaker using a smart configered 5GHz mesh wifi (reinstall needed if 2,4 GHz). I did it with AVM Fritz OS 7.29 and 7.30.

I am very interested in this too. With the old Chromecast Audio (discontinued) it was possible to add a subwoofer. I could not get hold of one so what I did was I used a sound bar and connected a chromecast HDMI to it so that acts as another speaker in my setup and gave me a subwoofer.

I have also hacked a Nest Mini to pull out the wires to the speaker and connected them with an RCA cable to another subwoofer (there are youtube videos on this)

Overall it has given me additional bass but to be honest, it is not great and does not match the other 5 Nest speakers I have.

I have been tracking this space and there appears to be a dedicated wireless subwoofer which could be added and is listed below. I have not tested it and it is quite pricy (in my humble opinion). I am not pushing this brand/product, just that it was the first I could find with this feature.

A sub is clearly missing from the chromecast offering. I love the overall system, sound quality and simplicity. But if they could fix this it would be perfect. Either that or bring back the chromecast audio.
The other thing on the wish list would be to allow TV out to the same speakers so I could use them to augment my TV sound but my guess is it would result in delays.

If other people have suggestions of what has worked or other subwoofers with chromecast built in I would love to know.

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Community Specialist

Hi folks,

We appreciate your help here, DannyKoblenz and PowerButton.

WarpedTrekker, I'm afraid we don't have any information on where you can find a subwoofer or recommend a specific brand that you can use with your Nest Audio speakers, but you may try the suggested setup shared by our Community members.

DannyKoblenz, thanks for sharing your thoughts about this — we're always looking for ways to improve our products and their features. I'd suggest you send feedback about this using the Google Home app. Every bit of feedback helps a ton! Here's how.

Let us know if you have other questions and concerns otherwise, I’ll be locking this thread after 24 hours.