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Why do things always get worse w/ these devices?

Community Member

Hey all,

Sorry for the rant but my goodness, what gives? Between routines only working 70% of the time (if that), 11 second wrong response/answer delays to reminders being ultimately broken since the migration to "Tasks" I am losing my mind. Today Google was like here "hold my beer" when all forms of radio were decimated...should have seen this sooner since it happened across the pond this past week w/ BBC. Ughhh and support (which are very nice) responded with a generic copy/paste resolution from the "specialized" team blaming everything from the wrong account being used to my wifi...really??? wth...I love Google but I just love myself more and this is why I am breaking up with's not's really you... I will definitely not rebound w/ Alexa again either since she is not any better...Good luck everyone (I mean that and not in a snarky way).


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there,


We're sad to see you go, CraigM3. We hope we can make it up to you in the future. Message us if you change your mind. We will lock the thread in 24 hours unless we can help out with anything else. 


Kind regards,