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Nest Application shows offline, thermostat is online

I have had a Nest thermostat for just over a year and recently the application switches to offline when sending a command from it.Eg, I turn off waits about 2 mins, turns off eco and then the app says the thermostat is offline (which it isn...

Rob2022 by Community Member
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Nest Hub Gen 2 Flashing Screen

So I just went to tell my nest hub to set an alarm and realised it wasn't responding. At first I thought maybe the powerboard had lost power but everything else connected to it is working fine. I unplugged the power from the hub and when I plugged it...

Litboy by Community Member
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Nest Boost Heating Workaround

I thought this might help some people in the future with regards to heating Boost not being a direct feature of the Nest.I spent a bit of time looking into the Boost function for Nest and only found a lot of disagreements and moaning in forums, so I'...

AntSneath by Community Member
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Unable to set up Chromecast Audio for no apparent reason

Hello,I've recently moved and when I wanted to start using my CCA, I discovered that for no apparent reason I am completely unable to either continue using it with previous settings or set it up from scratch. I have moved before, the wifi name and pa...

Google home not working on voice

Hope someone can assist. My assistant no longer recognises my devices on my Google home. When I try to use voice to activate a device it stated that no devices has been loaded even though it shows on my Google home app and I can trigger the devices b...

Ystersaag by Community Member
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Update for thread and matter

I would like to install a Nest Learning Thermostat but use the Apple system with HomePod minis. With Matter and thread becoming the new standards for home connections in the future when will this thermostat be updated for this technology and language...

Wafu by Community Member
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cant broadcast from phone to google home mini

I am hoping to use the home mini 's as intercom around the house. Mini to mini can broadcast to each other. But the phone connected to and under the same home account cannot communicate with any mini. The phone can only control them -- change names, ...

joanndlb by Community Member
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