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I can’t do a factory reset to switch to my new WiFi

I got new WiFi. I attempted to connect my chromecast to the new WiFi. I was told I need to do a factory reset on my chromecast to set it up with my new WiFi. Online it says to do a factory reset I need to touch and hold the devices title. Then I can ...

Ann568 by Community Member
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These cameras are not working! They are no longer picking up any motion, only sounds of birds chirping…. This poses a big security issue for our home! We have paid the subscription but is still not working…. So we are actually paying for a service wh...

Default music app

For 2 years, maybe more, my default music and podcasts app was spotify. But, since a few weeks ago, when I ask the app to play music, a message appears saying that I don't have apple music app installed. When I ask for a podcasts it opens Google podc...

Epamino by Community Member
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Nest Cam Outdoor (1 using battery & 1 plugged in)

I have a few Nest Cam with battery's that I bought for outside. 1 of the camera's is plugged into an outlet so I do not need to charge it and 1 is not near an outlet so I have to charge it.I am getting notifications of activity on both of the cameras...

thetbaum by Community Member
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Google home app? why is this consistently so bad?

omg, when is google going to fix the Google Home App, it is such a pain to use. it might be the worst app i've used in a long time. it is so counterintuitive. I'm about to dump all my google products and figure out another solution just because of th...

Gentle Wake up not working on TP Kasa lightbulb

I recently bought a TP Kasa smart bulb that can be dimmed. I have a nest mini, and told Google to "turn on Gentle Wake up". Assistant confirmed it turned on for 2 lights. I set my alarm on my nest mini, and went to sleep. When my alarm went off, the ...

Toviven by Community Member
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Are Google nest hub alarms device specific?

I'm thinking of getting several Google nest hubs for my kids' bedrooms, primarily to use as alarms. Everyone prefers to wake up to their own Spotify playlist. Is it possible to have different alarm settings on each device? Do they need to be on separ...

PB_LSL by Community Member
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