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About ready to dump Google for Alexa

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I'm at wits end with my google nest hub and google assistant insisting I live at my old address.  I've removed my old address and replaced it with my updated address in my Google Account, my Nest Home App, on my phone as well as my Google Payments Profile Account, and I've triple checked my maps info to make sure there were no remaining bookmarks in the map app.   If I ask Google specifically for My Address, it correctly quotes my correct current address.  If I ask google for my location, it insists I'm at my OLD address 3 states away.  It also quotes weather based on old address but correctly offers directions and suggestions based on new correct address.  If I can't get this fixed, I'm out of love with Google in EVERY way including my social media which I will be active in discouraging purchase of Google products and will be looking for a new brand to replace my home automation.  I'm getting sick of it.  I've been asking for help on this repeatedly.  I've tried everything in the help articles and none of it works.  I have thousands invested in home automation.  Fortunately, the vast majority of my peripherals are Philips Hue and Gosund so at least it will be easy to DUMP GOOGLE for ALEXA!


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