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Adding regular Youtube to a managed teenager's account on Google TV

Community Member

My son is 14 and I have his Youtube account settings as 13+.  His account is on family link, and he has regular Youtube on his phone.  I added his login to our new Google TV, but only Youtube kids shows up as an option for him on the tv apps.  Everything is really childish in the profile too.  Childish theme aside, how can I get regular youtube on his profile page?


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

When it comes to kid's profiles on Google TV, YouTube Kids is the only option available. This is because Google's current design for kids profiles is that they are used by those under 13, and the regular YouTube experience is designed for those 13 or older. It doesn't matter your son is 13 or older because his account is still managed by Family Link, and that is what Google TV seems to look at today to determine whether to show the YouTube app or not in the profile. If you would like to see the regular YouTube app added as an option to kid's profiles, I'd recommend you submit feedback via Google TV, so that Google is aware that it's something you'd use.