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App continues to disconnect from thermostat

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original Poster: Karen Gephart 


I have followed the instructions to get the app on my phone to work again for weeks and it connects for all of  few minutes until I walk away from the thermostat. The thermostat shows connected to the Wifi each time. How can I determine if this is my thermostat or my phone.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist
Hello all, 
Sorry to hear about your collective app issues! I can imagine the frustration all of you have been experiencing. I hope I can help out here with a new solution. 
Credit to a user from our Nest community: You may have to update your router settings to assign a static IP address (DHCP reservation) to your Nest. When a device connects to your home network, it is assigned an IP address. By default, that address is given an expiration date (usually a few hours). When the expiry time nears, the router will ping the device and if no response is made, the router will flag that IP as being available to assign to the next device that attempts to connect to the network. This is where the issue lies - when the Nest is pinged, it won't reply, thus "freeing" up that IP. The second link provides a thorough guide explaining how to assign a static IP address in full. 
If someone comes to your house with a wifi enabled cell phone, the IP that was (is) assigned to the Nest will be transferred to that new device, and your Nest will appear offline on your app. 
Let me know if this works out for you! I hope it resolves your issue, but if it doesn't, we'll continue on. 🙂 
-From Ai, Community Specialist.