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Are Motion Sensors Supported on Google Home app / Google Assistant?

Community Member
Hello Google Home app / Google Assistant team and engineers: 
I recently added 2 (two) of  GE/Jasco ZWave+ 34193 / ZW6302 portable smart motion sensors into my Samsung SmartThings hub. Everything is working fine there. 
When I link my SmartThings to Google Home app/Google Assistant, however, these 2 sensors are no where to be found. I also tried Unlink and Reconnect SmartThings with Google Home app/Google Assistant, alas no luck. 
On the website where I purchased them (link:, it says GE/Jasco zwave+ 34193 / ZW6302 supports SmartThings and Google Assistant (Voice Control). The Google Assistant integration is also displayed/written on the GE/Jasco zwave+ 34193 / ZW6302 box (see attached photo, yellow arrow).
I have contacted Samsung SmartHub technical team as well as GE/Jasco technical team, and they both informed me that I should contact the Google Home app / Google Assistant team and engineers to question the missing motion sensor integration with Google Home / Google Assistant. 
Could you please look into this integration and let me know if this can be resolved? 
Truly appreciate the help! Thank you!