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Can a non-migrated Nest thermostat be used with 2 automation systems simultaneously ?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original Poster: XWired 

On a non-migrated thermostat, I use an access token so the home automation system can manage it.
I am building a new HA system and I would like both systems to be able to manage the Nest device.

1 - Is the access token locked to a certain HA ecosystem ?
2 - Can it be used by more than one system simultaneously ?

Thank you for your assistance


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

I'm so sorry for the delay in our response, but I wanted to hop in here to make sure we addressed your concern. We totally get the frustration in installing such a delicate device, but I'm happy to look into this for you. 

First off, I would suggest using the Compatibility Checker to see if your system is compatible. Then, if it is, I would suggest using this article to help identify the different wires. Your HVAC setup sounds sophisticated enough that I would suggest contacting a pro to come out to help you with this since we'd be unfamiliar with your specific HVAC system to give you the best answer. 

Apologies for a lack of direct answer, but we hope Nest will work in your home. Let us know if we can assist further!

-From Garrett DS,Specialist.