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Can’t connect Nest to Google Home app

Community Member

I have just purchsed two Next Protect smoke detectors. I have doenloaded the Android app and successfully connected them to the Nest applicaiton. However, when I try to connect the Nest app to Google Home. I get stuck and believe it is because of a bug. The bug may probabley not exist in the English version and that is why this is still not solved. I am using the google homein Spanish.

The issue is I start google home and then go to add a new device. Ofcourse I select "funciona con Google" and then I select nest. That takes me to the login page ("Iniciar sesión"). Of course I have read the internet and I know I have to put not my google account by my nest account and of course you cannot create any new nest accounts as you are supposed to login with the Google credentials. However, here the system does nto work and I get stuck: No possibility to add the nest devices to my Google Home app. 


Please help. I have seen other posts on this saying pointing to migrate the nest account. However, I just purchased the device! I do not have any nest account and cannot migrate it!!! Nor create a new one! Please solve the issue so that the google app links you to nest with the google authentication when the app is configures in Spanish (from Spain)


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Don't waste your time with this right now. The protects will currently only work with the Nest app. Sometime this year, Google is going to move everything from Nest to Home. Until then just try to have patience.

Then I will wait. But my disappointment is too big. I thought that if I purchased Google, it would directly work with Google hom and now I get that it has the same problems or more than other brands, which work oput of the box with Google Home!!!

Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

I'm sorry you feel that way, but the Nest app is a Google app, and they are in the process to make it just a single app experience. 

I wish they considered if the speaker in the device can also be used to stream music and they programme this feature.