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Cannot connect Tendi BeLi Smart Outlet through the APP

Community Member

I installed the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 and the APP on my Samsung phone. Got it working.
I have some Tendi BeLi  Smart outlets that have their own app but I wanted to add them to the Google Home APP.
I followed the instructions up until the APP asked me to login into Tendi account ( When I try my Tendi account login it doesn't work. Then I tried my Google Accounts login info - that didn't work.
I openned the URL on om PC and got this message:

Welcome to OpenResty!

If you see this page, the OpenResty web platform is successfully installed and working. Further configuration is required.

For online documentation and support please refer to

Thank you for flying OpenResty.


Does this mean that the we link is not completely set up?  I have no way to reset my password.
(the Tendi main  website does not have a link to reset passwords...

Any clues from Google Home peeps would be appreciated. Thx!