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Devices Removed Notification

Community Member

I have several Google Nest Product (2 indoor cameras, 1 outdoor camera, doorbell, 3 smoke detectors, thermostat, 3 minis, 1 Hub) which have all worked pretty seamlessly, but recently I have been getting notifications on my Google Home App stating "Device Removed - {DEVICE NAME}; my email address removed it from your home" This has happened on my indoor cameras and minis but when I log into the Nest app or Google Home app, the devices are still showing up, and I can use them without issue. 

I have also received notifications stating that "my email address has added a new device to Google Home App" and it lists out the mac address, but that address is no showing up in my home network when I search it. 

My network is secure, so I'm assuming this has to do with either the devices themselves or the Google Home App. Super frustrating to get these notification because I don't know what the issue is. Any insight on what's going on?