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Trying to link my lg thinq to google home

 if anyone has any suggestions. I've done the following trouble shooting and am still unable to link. 1. reset all devices and account (new passwords)2. Removed tv from lg thinq app and re added

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-15 at 17.57.35.jpeg
Willah by Community Member
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nest yale lock not connecting to nest connect

When white button is pressed all i get is three beeps and no blue light. I have reset to factory , removed and reinstalled nest connect. Light is green on nest connect. This was working just fine until i removed lock to do some door repair and had it...

myred53 by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Cant complete Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Setup

Hi.I have moved into a house that has a nest cam installed.I am trying to set it up - because it is installed above the door frame - i cant get a clear shot of the QR code - so I am trying to use the 6 digit code. All well and good until it says pick...

iggyfog by Community Member
  • 11 replies
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Nest app will not connect to Nest Connect device

I just purchased a brand new Yale x Nest door lock, which includes a Nest Connect device. I have downloaded the Nest app onto my iPhone and connected it to my Google account. When I try to add the Connect device to the app (either by scanning the QR ...

Carpeteria by Community Member
  • 20 replies
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payment by Nest and by Google

Hello,I discovered that I have been getting double charged for my Nest subscription since November of 2021 when Google took over Nest and changed plans (being charged for my old plan that does not exist anymore and the new one). I've contacted Google...

Schedules on Family WiFi keep disabling

Hi,We have a google nest mesh. We have added our kids’ devices to our family WiFi and created three schedules. However these three schedules keep disabling themselves and even though we hit enable, they will often become disabled again a few hours la...

DKehoe by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Merkury smart plugs not responding to google assistant

When i go into the geeni app everything works, but i also got my stuff linked to my google home app, and although itll show everything thats on or off, it will not turn my stuff on or off by either tapping or asking google assistant to turn device on...

Unlinked Google to Nest

All of my devices are saying there connected to the nest app. I removed the nest from my google and cannot restore it. Do I need to make a new Home and set up each device? And then to I need to move all other google products from the google home over...

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