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How to get a return completed and credited

Anyone else frustrated with the terrible support by Google Nest? I have been a Google customer for years. They sent me a camera that has connectivity issues. When I tried to get help they said it was faulty and sent me a replacement unit. In the mean...

Google home app

Cant install the home app, do not get any further then account with privacy statements..button "oke" is nog working(grey color)

Carry by Community Member
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Google Home Mini won't link to my account?

I have a google home mini and a nest unit.the other morning, for no apparent reason, they both became unlinked from my google account.Since then, I have tried every route offered up by the help forums and they always fail to configure at the last ste...

Home app

Can't delete a home member get a message saying something went wrong when removing user from home

Cant add Nest to Google home

Hi, I am not able to add my nest thermostat to the Google home app. I see many people having the same issues and an another person posting this question a few weeks ago and it was not resolved. When I try to connect Nest to my home it asks to login. ...

Ranadeep by Community Member
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Problema con chromecast al cambiar wifi

He cambiado de WiFi en casa y no consigo cambiarlo en el chromecast. He buscado tutoriales en YouTube, información en Google, pero no sé qué falla. Algunos de los pasos que me piden para hacerlo, no me aparecen en mi app Google Home. Gracias.

Ang1 by Community Member
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Nest Owner Change from Full Access User?

Hi,Does allowing someone full access to Nest/Google Home give them the ability to edit/remove the owner’s information?I have someone living with me who would like to see cameras for guests/packages. If I give them access, is there any risk that they ...