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Devices stuck in deleted "Limbo Home"

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Hey everyone,

Does anyone have the slightest idea how to recover a deleted home? Ever since i deleted a "home" to make a new one since we moved, my iRobot linked account is getting a "Unknown error" when i try to link it (Even tho the Home app says "Link your iRobot account" in the top preview when Google Home is launched) my 8 Sonos  speakers is gone and gives the same error (When linking my account it says "Account Linked", and keeps loading and fails shortly after. The best part is i am not even at the hard part yet, i have 132 Hue lamps/bulbs, 11 rooms, 5 zones from Phillips hue which i am too scared to try too add. A "Smart Home" is the best thing ever, but when a "Smart Home" turns rogue on you, boy i start missing the old days. 

I have been on my google account and removed all the linked and approved third party apps, but no dice. I have factory defaulted ALL! my speakers, still no help. It is like some of the accounts is stuck in "limbo" in the old "home" which is now gone/deleted. If anyone have any ideas please let me know, because even thinking about starting a support case with the different suppliers will just start a pointing fingers war i bet. 


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My home disappeared from my app. Now when I try to add my thermostat it says it’s already part of another home! Help!

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After some fiddeling,the only solution was to make a new Sonos account, and add it to the new home. Worked like a charm. My iRobot account worked after several days off unlinking the account and adding it again. Very frustrating. Still have issues with my Hue account tho, cannot link the account, i will try and delete the account later and attach it again.