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Duplicated Cast Devices issue on Xiaomi phone

Community Member

So, last month I noticed a strange error with my Cast options for Tidal. Both my Chromecast enabled devices are appearing as repeated on the list (ie. each of my two devices are appearing twice on the list). So far I've tried the following:

1) Logging out those devices from my account and adding them to another household from another account on the Google Home app

2) Factory resetting all my devices (including my smartphone

3) Resetting my router settings and WiFi config

I noticed this error only occurs on the Chromecast devices connected to my phone, so not on my partner's iPhone nor with the Samsung TV I connected through SmartThings.

My specs are the following:

Redmi Note 9 Pro

MIUI 14 based on Android 12

Google Home versión

Any help will be appreciated.




Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Ibon,

Thanks for posting — let's get this sorted out. I wanted to check, is this happening to other cast enabled apps like Netflix, Spotify or YouTube Music app? How about from the chrome browser?