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Google Home App connected devices are offline including its router on the app

Community Member

Google Home App has been reporting offline devices since May 2022! (See my photo posted September 2022 showing a few Home App tiles of offline devices) Google Home was working seemingly great before this disruption took place with several devices even though they are connected to WiFi. The disruption has caused devices to malfunction with voice command on Google and Alexa to implement instructions to devices. Even the devices apps are affected ..,such as  Inability to edit maps on iRobot machines … operating TVs have loss the ability to reconnect and function by voice or manual control through their manufacturer apps. There are additional devices not mentioned in this post are affected. When will we get a fix for this? We were told in the community posting that there’s a bug and the developers ate working on it since May 2022.



Community Member

having the same issue right now, shows all my devices are "loading" but my wifi works fine. pretty annoying

Community Member

Yes indeed it’s frustrating.