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Google Nest in Canada

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Hi all! I bought a Google Nest and Amazon Echo so I could play trivia during the day. But while there are lots of trivia games on the Amazon Echo (mostly low quality), there are very few available for Google Nest. In fact, almost none of the games I read about online seem to be available. For example, my Google Nest is completely lost when I ask about Planet Quiz or Capital Land or Brainstormer Trivia. Is this because I'm in Canada? Are there fewer apps available here? Is there a workaround? I want to play trivia games about geography, space, science, and history. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hi there,

Have a look at the link below for a directory of the different assistant actions available. 



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Durandir,


I wanted to check in and see if you managed to see Cathal_S post? Please let me know if you have any questions from here. I would be happy to assist, and answer any you may have.


Thanks so much Cathal_S for the help.


Best regards,


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi everyone, 


I haven’t heard from you, so I’ll be locking the thread in 24 hours. Hope the steps provided from the previous thread worked.


Thanks for posting!