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Google home error when linking Nest account

Community Member

I was having issues with my 'home' so deleted it and started fresh, i have managed to add everything back except my Nest account which has doorbell and thermostat.

It is an old Nest account which works fine in the Nest app, but it used to work in my google home app and use my hubs as chimes.

When i try and link it in the google home app via 'works with google' i go to Nest login but when i click 'Allow' i get the error 'Oops! We've encountered and error. Please try again.'

I've tried resetting everything and deleting all previous  linked connection on Nest under 'works with nest', but still can't get this to work like it did before, please help it is driving me nuts!


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Once you’ve set up the doorbell and thermostat in the Nest app, they may link automatically in the Home app, depending on your settings. To find out if this has happened, close both apps. Open the Home app and check if the devices are listed under a room name or under "Local devices." If they aren’t listed, you can follow the instructions to set them up in the Home app

You'll need to make sure you're signed into the same Google account in both apps for this to work.