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Google home invite

Community Member

When inviting a 5th member to my household. I type in there name and there name and email comes up, I click that. Then I hit next three times and then send. Once I hit send, it automatically changes the email address that it was sent to. It’s supposed to be to a yahoo account and it is auto changed to a gmail account that the person says they don’t even remember setting up that email. 




You have to have a Google (gmail) account in order to be invited into a Google Nest "household". Google Nest does not clearly document this. Often, when someone tries to invite someone with a non-gmail account, it fails with an unhelpful "invite can't be sent at the moment" error message (instead of "A Google (gmail) account is required" message. But it's pretty odd to just arbitrarily change the email from yahoo to gmail.

At any rate, your 5th member will need a gmail account of some kind in order to be invited to join your "household".