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Not getting started, don't want it.


Cindi Staiger <#>

Jul 26, 2022, 10:26 PM (20 hours ago)




to Google


I posted this yesterday, I got a reply, however it was to reinstall.  I have no desire to reinstall it or repair it or any such thing.  The problem is it has messed up my cell phone it's even screwed up my contacts list, I'm calling one person in my contacts and it dials somebody else's  number!!
I called a friend yesterday and it called my lawyer!   I didn't miss dial - it just dialed them!

The main issue is I don't have any external devices to use this with,  Speakers plugs anything, so it's pointless to have it installed at all AND  it was forced upon my cell phone I could not reject and say no! there was no such option to  Reject it!  It just installed it.  I don't need it I don't like it I want it gone. 
Personally I see no benefits to having it on my cell phone, it makes everything harder to use and it doesn't help it.
The features that I had on my phone that I liked using, aren't there anymore either.
If uninstaller is run will it revert properly back to what I had?  Or just really mess up my phone?!

thank you!