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Home app media tab has problems selecting devices.

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Once music is playing one or more speakers, the media tab shows where its playing and give you the option to add to other speakers or remove from some.  The list of "playing on" locations includes unpaired speakers, speaker pairs, wifi points, groups and smart TVs.  Then the problems begin:  I tested using NPR radio streaming:

1. If the stream is on my smart TV, the media tab doesn't show any other devices.

2. If the stream is not on the TV, all available devices are shown including the TV.  But if I try to add the stream to the TV the app hangs.

3. If you select to add a group, the app shows instead that the components of the group are streaming. AND it stops streaming on all other devices not in the group. 

4. If you select to add a speaker, it adds it and doesn't stop streaming to any other device. (good)

I suggest that adding should never include stopping other devices. It's easy to turn them off separately.  Also if all the devices in a group are streaming the group should also show as streaming.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there,
I appreciate you taking your time to let us know about a feature that you would like to see or changes that we can look into making in the future. Feedback like this helps us constantly improve our products and services by knowing what we are doing right and what we can work on. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

Best regards,
Garrett DS

Sounds like a boilerplate reply to me.  Did you actually  look to see that anyone else had problems like these or try yourself?

I also have similar but different  issues referring to groups when casting from YouTube Music.  Where do I go to report these?

Hey there, 

This is the only instance that I've heard of this issue before so I have nothing else to go off of besides what you tell me. What other issues do you have regarding YouTube Music and I can possibly help or point you in the right direction. 

Look forward to hearing from you. 

Best regards, 

Garrett DS

Let me describe my setup:

Smart TV in Den

Living Room group in the living room which is:

- paired nest speakers and a nest wifi point

Bedroom group in the bedroom which is:

- paired nest speakers and a next wifi point.

Also an Everwhere group which has all devices except the TV.

Issue with Youtube:

1. Cast menus shows all groups and devices except wifi points(?)

2. If I cast to Living Room group or Everywhere the speakers all ping but nothing happens. If I go to home app media tab it shows the devices "playng" but with the "play arrow button greyed out and unselectable.  Only the bedroom group works.  

3. My wife and I are the only members of the nest "household" but i'm the holder of the Youtube premium account.  When youtube is casting, I can go to the home app to pause, stop or add devices.  But she can also pause, stop but NOT add new devices.


I'm guessing at this point that I have a corrupted group (living room) but we have no problems casting to the group using voice commands,  maybe I should deleted the group and recreate it?  I think I already tried that a while ago.


I deleted the Living Room Group and recreated.  Same problem.

When I cast from Youtube to bedroom group it works.

If I try to cast from Youtube to living room group it seems to work but no sound come out.  If I click on cast icon It says "Living Room... No media selected."

I notice on the home app main page where all all devices are listed by room.

Then a list of Groups.  Even when no music is playing anywhere all devid=ces and group have a "play music" blue link beneath EXCEPT my Living room group.  There is definitely something wrong with that group.  I made new group "newgroup" with the same devices as "Living Room" group.  Same problems.  So it seems to relate to the specific devices: a pair of speakers and a wifi point.