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How to change Nest verification phone number - cant login

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I am trying to login to my nest app but I have changed my phone number and the verification sends a message to my old phone number.


As i am not logged in I can't change the number.


Please help



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I have the same issue!!! 
How do you get the verification from an old number you no longer have?


Yeah and if you do verification by email it sends a code to the email you can't get in to


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Help recover acc it's my main one

Need help 

See my reply below

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Can you help 

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I managed to get on with Nest and got a call back from google. I had to reset my Nest Thermostat and set up a new Gmail account and then was able to link it. 

Here is a link to support. Fill out the questionnaire 3-step process. It’ll come up to a ph# you can call.