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Migrated Nest Account will not link to Google Home App

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This exact question was already asked a year ago, and no one came to a conclusion on this.  
Prior to migrating my nest account to my google account, I used to be able to ask my Google Home to show me the front door, and it would show me my nest camera.  Now, it does not.  My google home will not link to my Nest account.  If you go to connect them, it asks for you to log into Nest account, and only offers option for email and password.  When I use it, it says that I need to login through google if already migrated, but no option exists at all to do so.  So, literally nothing happens. 

Can I or can I not link my nest account to my google home account IF they are attached to two different google accounts?  If not, how to fix this?  




If you want to view your Google Nest camera on your Google Home (Nest Hub), they both need to be in the same Google Nest "home/structure" on the same Google Account.

The name of your Google Nest "home/structure" displays on the initial screen in both the Google Nest app and in the Google Home app.

If you migrated your Nest Account to a Google Account, you should be logging into the Google Nest app with the "Sign in with Google" option.

What are you doing when you say you "go to connect them"?

If you log into the Google Home app, do you see your nest camera at the front door? If so, and if you do NOT see your Google Home device, perhaps your Google Home device is in a different Google Nest "home/structure" on a different Google Account. If that is so, you could log into the Google Home app on that other Google Account, remove your Google Home, do a factory reset (, and then reinstall it after logging into the Google Home app using the Google Account where your camera is installed.

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Community Specialist

Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry for the delay. I just want to check if you managed to see the response above. Were you able to try the troubleshooting steps that have been provided? Please let us know how it goes.

I appreciate the input, @MplsCustomer.