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Not possible to change home device location

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original poster: Nikola Mitic 5546 


When asking hey google whats my location,  the location is wrong. Tells me about some location in the USA. And I am in Europe. 

Tried changing my devices location in home app. It says that it looks like you device location does not match your home address do you wanna match  it?
I tap YES!
And nothing happens,  doesn't fix it. 
This is not great because I am not able to use weather information without specifying the city. 
One more thing, this started happening recently, it was working  alright for some weeks already.


Community Member

Also seeing this same issue with my Lenovo Smart Display.  All other devices show the correct address, the home address is set correctly, but this one device has the issue.  When you press the "Yes, match address" button nothing happens.  In my case the device believes it is about 12 kilometres away.  It is very weird.

Community Member

I have the SA:e issue. 2 houses and it only recognizes one location. I added the location in the home app, reset nest, it will  not update the home address very frustrating