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Routines not working (mismatch settings in Google Home app & routines in the cloud?)

Community Member

Hi, we develop actions for Google Assistant & Home devices. When activating an Action for some devices, which worked before excellent, it happens that the device say’s: “This action is not available for your country or language”. That’s not the only problem. When this problem occurs, also all available standard and customize routines don’t work.

Factory resetting the device doesn’t help. Also removing the device from the google home app doesn’t help.

It looks like that there is a mismatch between the “Google Home app on my phone connected to the device and Google account” and “the routines related to the same Google account which will be probably somewhere in the cloud”.

Problem can occur for example when Google home apps on different phones can change/add routines of the same Google accounts.

Who has the same experience or knows how to solve this issue.

Looking forward to your replies!



Solutions Expert
Solutions Expert

Thanks for reaching out. I’d like to reproduce your issue, could you share the following details:

  1. Steps which can reproduce the issue
  2. Your SYNC response
  3. Your project-id

Hi Christina, thanks for your reply!

Steps which can reproduce the issue

Looks like that issue occurs when different smartphones/tablets with the Google Home app have access to the same Google Account and Google Home device.

Your SYNC response

What do you mean with this?

Your project-id

Our Actions make use of Google Sign In. Actually I think issue is Action independent. Our actions are based on language: Dutch/Netherlands. I prefer to share Project-ID directly. Do you work for Google?

Thanks for your help!!

Since Smart Home Developer Forum is a place to resolve developers issues if they have difficulties on smart home integration. SYNC response and project id could easily be provided If you are developers. It looks like this is a user issue, so I'm going to move this post to the Apps / Account Forum, which would benefit you to find the right person. Thanks.