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Still no remove light button?

Community Member

So after having two lights break at the same time, I can now no longer remove them from Google Home. I'm stuck with several phantom lights in the Home app now. Leading to when I say "turn of all lights" the response is "sure BUT I can't find {proceeds to mention all the lights by name}. Which is really really annoying. 

Is there really nobody who can make a "remove a device from app" button? Removing them from their original software doesn't work, unlinking that entire software from Home doesn't work, removing the room etc. and all the other options I found while scouring 6 year old topics on forums don't work. 

For the love of all that is holy. Can we make a remove device button before my "turn off all lights" routine becomes a 10 minute monologue. 


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Hello @JulienGorilla,

I'm sorry to hear of your frustration with removing your lights from your Home. Let me see if I can help. What app was used to connect these two lights to your Google Home app?

The first step is to go to the app where you connected the lights. In the 3rd party app simply navigate to the light, tap on the settings, and then delete the devices that no longer work.

Once you have done that, activate the Google Assistant on your phone or speaker and say, "Sync my devices." This will force the Google Home app to refresh any changes that were made to connected services that are connected to the Home app.

If that does not remove the lights, you may need to link the service back to the Google Home app to get it to refresh. 

And finally, if that doesn't work, you can try creating a new home in the Google Home app settings and move the broken devices over there so that you can continue to use the, "turn off all lights" command without any interruptions.

Let me know if you have further questions.