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Trying to link SmartHQ to Google Home [FIXED]

Community Member

I saw another user @cjgippner post about this problem but I couldn’t reply my solution.

Basically the issue is the SmartHQ app GE appliances use won’t link in the Google Home app and when you ask Google Assistant to sync devices it doesn’t sync the SmartHQ app.

I’d been struggling with this for a year before I figured out Google Home wasn’t recognizing the device because it’s wasn't linked to a GEappliances account.

When I initially set up my appliance (in my case an air conditioner) I just downloaded the app and jumped right in to set up without creating an account using my email. So I signed out of the SmartHQ app, went back in and created a GEappliances account, then set up my device like new again. Once the device was set up under my account I went to the extras tab, clicked Google and boom, it finally linked to my Google Home app and I could control it like any other device.

I really hope this helps others with the same problem as I’ve only seen the one thread I tagged talking about it.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Justsomeguy, 


Thanks for posting in the community. I appreciate you for sharing with us what resolution you have for linking the SmartHQ with the Google Home. This will help a lot of our users in the community forum. This thread will be available when users search for the keywords that matches their issues. I'll be locking the thread within 24hrs and consider this post as complete. Feel free to post a new thread if you have more questions.