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Xiaomi camera 360 not streaming on nest hub 2

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I just installed a nest hub 2 and linked it to Mi Home, yeelight and Smartthings. 
The problem I have is with the Xiaomi cameras (Mi 360 and Mi wireless outdoor security camera), they seem to be added in the Google Home app, each in their own room, I can control them, but the streaming option on the Google nest hub 2 doesn’t work, I get prompted with the “Something went wrong” phrase. Even though I get the notification from MI Home “X user is watching the livestream on a smart display”.

I already linked and unlinked the Mi home from google home, checked the devices for updates etc.

I also tried the steps from post with the same that is closed now.



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I get the same exact error on my Mi Smart Clock with Google assistant, the app also show someone is watching the camera, but Google assistant just repeat “Something went wrong”.

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I also have the same problem, and I am very upset because I just parchased the google nest hub.

Thanks, well that answers it, really thought that Xiaomi regained acces to google home for the cameras as they are available in the app.

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Community Specialist

Hi all, 


Thanks for posting in the community and apologies for the late response. There are only limited cameras that can be streamed through the Nest Hub devices. We appreciate users who are keen on sharing their thoughts. We'll take this as feedback as we are always looking for ways to improve our products. I'll be locking the thread within 24hrs. Feel free to create a new one if you have more questions. 


@mabandi, thanks for sharing the link and appreciate you helping out our users.