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can't remove hisesnse tv access or all nest devices and history will be removed

Community Member

hisense tv  has access to EVERYTHING on my google account, even though I never permitted it. EVER. 

"Hisense TV xiaoyushan

Has full access to your Google Account" 
when I try to remove (I did this once) there is a notification - "ALL devices AND device history WILL BE REMOVED...." 
called Google who was of NO help. (they told me to call hisense) 
1- has anyone had this issue? 
2-do you know the cause? (does hisense make the devices and give themselves access as a result?) 
3- how do you remove it safely? I removed once, but it came right back with NO approval or request to me!

Community Member

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 8.51.21 AM.png

Community Member

I'm seeing the same. Were you able to resolve this?


Community Member

No. and I elevated and spoke to senior technicians who said they would get back to me. never got a response. two open cases on my account with no resolutions.

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And I am also the original poster