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Works with Nest Connection still active

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original Poster:  Rodrique 


I am using the Abode Home Security and Automation System which used to support Works with Nest as an integration. This allowed me to control my Nest thermostats and cameras and create automation routines based on the security settings of my home. You have since removed this integration when Nest was acquired by Google and have not added any API support for third parties such as Abode. I have not migrated my Nest account to Google so thankfully my legacy integration was still working.
Due to an HVAC system replacement, one of my Nest thermostats had to be re-provisioned and the installer reset its settings. This removed the thermostat from my Abode app as well as other 3rd party apps such as Alexa. Looking in my Nest app, I see that the connection to these devices under the legacy Works with Nest is still active. Am I able to somehow re-establish a connection to my thermostat within Abode, Alexa and others? It seems this is a simple ask as it worked seamlessly for years. Not sure why Google doesn't add this functionality with their current Works with Google API.

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It's all part of google support's less than useful response to grommet change. Beyond comprehension!