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PE Program Manager
PE Program Manager

Hey Google Nest Community,

Believe in the magic 

This is for all the families who have little ones that still believe, and the young at heart who love to go all out for the holidays. Mr. Claus is making his list and checking it twice, so most kids are on their best behavior. But, just in case they are not, let’s create a Christmas Eve plan.

  1. Set up the milk and cookies for Santa
  2. Make sure the kids are asleep  
  3. Set the motion sensors to detect if the kids get out of bed on Christmas Eve
  4. Set up your Nest Cam Indoor to “catch Santa” eating cookies (let the kids help set up the camera) 
    1. This is where you get creative and hopefully catch a peek of a red suit or white gloves near the cookies 
    2. Maybe Mr. Claus is too fast and can’t be seen on camera, but at least you tried 
  5. Wake up the family and check out the footage! Did you get a glimpse of holiday magic? 

Let us know all the ways you bring the holidays to life in your home. Share your smart home tips below and on social media @madebygoogle.

Stay present & pause the Wi-Fi

Holiday decorating is all about family time and it can be difficult to get the kids full attention when you have whole home coverage Wi-Fi using Nest Wifi. So, goodbye Wi-Fi (not forever, don’t worry). Just say, “Hey Google, pause the Wi-Fi” and they will no longer be able to play video games or scroll through social media all day. 

Good thing Santa and his Elf wrote a letter to your little one explaining that quality family time with the Wi-Fi shut off for a few hours, is sure to get them on the nice list. Now the kids will be more present for the decorating festivities.

Snow much fun

What better way to spend a snow day than at home watching a holiday movie marathon? Set a movie playlist on your Chromecast with some of your favorite movies to play back-to-back. Chromecast is a great gift idea for young adults and college students to binge-watch popular shows and movies. 

As bedtime rolls around, use your Google Nest Mini for a popular bedtime story: Frozen! Grab a blanket, some hot chocolate and listen to dozens of Frozen stories available only from Google Assistant smart speakers. To listen in, just say, “Hey Google, tell me a Frozen Story,” and you can pick a character from the movie to narrate.


Warmest wishes to you and yours this holiday season, 

The Google Nest team