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Hey everyone,


As we march into the next month, let's take a look back at what happened in the community during the month of February.  


Community Shout-out:

We love seeing how helpful all our community members are. Thank you to @MichaelP and @olavrb for helping out @discus99  with adding a second router into an existing mesh network. Helping others is what keeps our community so wonderful. 


Congrats to @olavrb  for being a top Kudoed Product Expert in the Google Nest Community! Thanks for being so awesome!


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That’s all for February!  Are you enjoying the community? Let us know in the comments below!


We’re thankful for all of you, our community members, and for your support and feedback. 

Google Nest Community team


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@Leticia can we get an update on:

  • New doorbell release
  • The move to Google Home from the Nest App and compatibility
  • Product roadmap or updates (so we can plan accordingly)
  • Any future "Works with Google Home (formerly Nest)" to cover any gaps


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Continual off-line periods for my outdoor camera since Google took over. I pay for continual video recordings when movent, people or sound are registered. So why does my camera turn off when it's the only device connected.

I suspect Google on saving on cloud storage cost by intermittent shut downs. 

Community Member

When is Google going to fix all the issues with Nest in your Google Home app? It's continued to get worse and worse. No news from Google on it. You updated the app with useless design changes, but left all the issues with viewing video from Nest cameras in place. I actually think it's gotten worse since the update. 

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