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Community Specialist

Hey everyone, 


Hot summer nights are upon us and Google just keeps bringing the heat. With updates and new products galore, check out everything you may have missed this past month and enjoy our social and community shout outs!



You can now view your Nest Cameras and Doorbell video feed on your Chromecast with Google TV. Get all the details in our latest blog


Pixel fans, the time is here: Pixel 6a is available now! Check out this fun Q&A with some of our team about Pixel 6a and the Pixel Buds Pro.


And on that note, Pixel Buds Pro are  now available! Read up on all the great details in our blog post in the Pixel Buds community.


Head over to the Gstore to order Pixel 6a or Pixel Buds Pro now! 


Social shout-out:

Pixel Buds Pro, workouts and Beyonce? Name a better trio, I’ll wait…


Never miss a meteor with your Nest Cams.

Community shout-out:
Thanks to @Ashepherdson for helping our community member @Royalboater with their downloading Nest Thermostat history question. Need to quickly download your Nest Thermostat History? Just follow the tips on this post. Thanks for lending a helping hand!

Shout out to@Ashepherdson for being one of our top kudos community Product Experts! And thank you to all our community members for helping each other out this month. 

Don’t forget:
Join in on the fun discussion over on our Home Automation Hub! We love to hear about all your great ideas and the ways you use automation in your homes. Who doesn’t love making life a little bit easier? Start a discussion or join in on a fun thread anytime. 

The Google Nest team
Community Member

I have a new internet provider and I can't reset my chromecast.

Any help out there?

P. S. My chromecast does not have any buttons

Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Hi @Bi7 , all Chromecast units have a button on them, however they may be small or hard to find.  Ok the 1st gen it's on the back of the unit, with the later ones being beside the usb port on the device. 

Community Member

Yes ladies and gentlemen, another month of Google boring self hype.  Nothing new again to report in the blog.  So what’s the point?  Same news as the past 3-4 months.  More Self hype of chromecrap, pixie Dixie data collecting phones.  Another month and not a single word about NEST products.  No changes no updates nothing. Obviously google has realized they never should have acquired nest!! Thanks for nothing. Coming in hot?  Not google!

Community Member

camera ill not factory rest  ????????????

Community Member

John good afternoon buddy I’ll see if your 

Community Member

I've abandoned my two battery 2nd gen "Nest" cameras for home use, since they don't integrate with my four 1st gen Nest cameras and they shouldn't be considered part of the Nest product line. I decided to set up the 2nd gen cameras at work and do my best to learn how they operate [note: if you want to integrate 1st gen and 2nd gen cameras, you're out of luck... can't do it on the Nest app and just too many issues on the Home app]. Here is my assessment of running only the 2nd gen cameras compared to my years of experience with the Nest App: 1) The Google Home app is not designed to be a security camera app and takes additional selections to get to a view that shows what the camera is seeing [Nest app shows all camera views when you initially open it, plus the Home app has connecting glitches....]; 2) Live mode connects about 0% of the time and takes going back and forth with the 'more' menu [this is a programming glitch and needs to be fixed, so it takes me 3 selections to finally see the camera view]; 3) Event recording doesn't capture the entire activity period of the event, even though I have it set to max [fast moving objects/persons are missed, except for the last 1-2 seconds... Nest app records 24/7 up to your plans 10 or 30 day period]; 4) Since the service doesn't record the non-event periods, there is no way to recover anything between events or periods missed during an event [no seeing when a person enters the camera view, since the event usually starts sometime after it detects motion]; 5) No website interface so viewing video and editing requires the event to be downloaded and transferred [also can't do Nest functions like save clips in the app, create timelapse clips, or view older clips]; 6) Battery camera lasts well in areas with little motion, but drained to 50% in 2 days with high motion [place camera where events won't be triggered by motion from passing cars, wind, or high foot traffic or set up nest aware when you don't want it to record]. Conclusion: 2nd gen cameras still have too many issues to recommend to anyone.... mostly due to the Home App's poor design and functionality and the lack of a website interface (its mobile only). How to fix it? ANS: LET US USE 2nd GEN CAMERAS ON THE NEST APP.

Community Member
Community Member

Why I can get my nest doorbell to ring through my nest mini like it was. My internet went out and had to get a new router and now everything is messed up. Need help right away!

Community Member

     Sanchali community member                                                                                                                                                          Is there any spl system for  senior citizen  to operate necessary  Google  apps for their daily use during urgency? If it can It will be great  advantage for them

Community Member

Hello, I’m new to this forum.  Any progress on fixing the problem with listening to radio stations through Tune in on Google Home minis? I’m in the UK. Thanks 

Community Member

I'm having difficult Google Home App and my Mini Nest 2nd Generation, when I to set up my Mini Nest 2nd Generation in Google Home App on my Google Pixel 5a5G phone it states Mini Nest Speaker has to be activated through Google TV or Android TV. WTH!! How do I go by doing that? I have Google TV on my Google Pixel phone. Please help!!! 

Community Member

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to buy a replacement power adapter and cord for the Nest Outdoor Camera? My camera won’t power up as it looks like water got into the power adapter.


Google should be ashamed of there self. This issue has been going on for years and there are no options. My product is only 13 months old.

Community Member

Tq for information 🤗

Community Member

@Leticia  When can you add nest sensors to the google home app? It’s too hot to not have those!

Community Member

Thanks for support bro 

Community Member

Hi,I'm so New here and my name is isabella