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Hey everyone,


If you like to keep your home festive and up-to-date all year long, look no further– the sounds of the season are almost here! 


This year we’re introducing a newcomer…Oktoberfest! Your guests will be able to announce their arrival to a fun accordion polka sound. We’re also bringing back ringtones for Diwali including: Sitar Chime Fireworks” and “Sitar Tabla Riff”. And of course the fan favorite Halloween sounds are back! Get ready for monsters, ghostly boos, skeletons, vampires, Witch cackling, skeletons, wolf howls, ravens, cats and the haunting evil laugh. 


Ringtone availability*: 

  • Oktoberfest: Sept. 5 - Oct. 5. 
  • Halloween: Oct. 1 - Nov. 1. 
  • Diwali: Oct. 7 - Oct. 28. 

*Oktoberfest theme Nest Doorbell ringtone is available in the US, UK, and EU. Halloween and Diwali ringtones are available globally.


Learn More:

  • To learn more about how our ringtone themes are chosen and created, visit our Keyword blog for an exciting behind the scenes post from our team to learn all the details. 
  • Make sure to follow  @madebygoogle on Twitter for reminders when each of these holiday ringtones begins. 


Which ringtones are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below. 


The Google Nest team