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Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

Hey Google Nest Community,


A few weeks ago we released the Google Home app for Wear OS 3.0+ devices as a Public Preview. Thank you for trying it out and for sharing your feedback! We heard your requests for simpler navigation and improved performance and are excited to tell you about a few updates that are rolling out to Preview over the next few days. 


In addition to speed and performance improvements, our latest update includes a new list view to help with the overall navigation experience. If you have 10 devices or less, you will see an easy to scroll list to make it faster to access and control your smart home devices. Instead of having to go room by room, you will see a simplified view on your Wear OS device. You’ll also be able to control devices that are linked to you and are not yet assigned to a specific home in the Google Home app.


We hope you enjoy these updates. We’re working on more features, so keep the feedback coming


Jackie Liang 

Product Management, Google Home & Nest


wearos update.png



Community Member

Great news.  Please do NOT stop asking us for feedback. 

A huge issue with the Nest \ Google Home community is a total lack of sending feedback to the developers through Twitter (1) (2), this forum, and most importantly, the "Send Feedback" section of every app.  (see the link above about sending feedback, everyone!)

Users will write long, extravagant complaints  about issues they are having on various website comment sections or even obscure subs at Reddit, yet never do anything to get their concerns heard and responded to by the actual Google Nest outreach team.

I also want to express that the increased amount of communication between the product outreach\social media\community organization teams has been a huge help.

Please do not stop, if anything, please keep telling us more. Communication helps more than silence.

The near-silence of almost a year about any progress on the updates coming to the Google Home app, the WearOS app, the Website\Nest\Home app (especially for cameras), and even the "we're releasing another  year..." was absolutely terrible for the morale of the people who want to enjoy these products.

I love Nest and I have worked behind the scenes on similar products and industries and understand what type of things are going on and why there is little to say. But every little bit counts because that is what people need to hear.

Nest is proving to be the most secure, high quality of all the Smart Home products and apps. Non-stop encouragement of user input and then responding to it publicly is the greatest way to shut up the naysayers, build product rapport, and make market share grow!

I want Nest to be the best always, and I want to feel that it is EASY to recommend it to ANYONE!

Community Member

How can I be of public relations assistance for new products; for example this beauty. I know I'm probably late and that ship has sailed, or maybe not? .. I'm honest to the bone and would be honored to give my honest well respected feedback . Just incase you needed more opinions/comments etcs. Thx 

Community Member

What Arthur Gray said. 

Community Member

Also -- I opted in for public preview months ago, after seeing Google release marketing information about the new improved Google home. Not only has this new improved Google home not rolled out to the public yet, which is really confounding, but my application to the public preview, though accepted, has not resulted in any new version of the software either on my pixel 7 Pro or my pixel watch.


My recommendation is not to market new features before they're actually widely available. It's exceptionally for frustrating for those of us who are super fans and can't get the new software.