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Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

Hey everyone, 

Due to a recent legal ruling we’re making some changes to how you set up your devices and the Speaker Group functionality will work moving forward. If you’re using the Speaker Group feature to control the volume in the Google Home app, by voice with the Google Assistant, or directly on your Nest Hub display, you’ll notice a few changes: 

  • To adjust volume on your speaker groups, you will need to adjust each speaker individually instead of using the group volume controller. You’ll also no longer be able to change your Speaker Group volume using your phone’s physical volume button. 
  • Most Speaker Groups should continue functioning as expected unless you have a speaker group containing other brands of Cast-based devices, like JBL or Lenovo, they need to be on 1.52.272222 or higher Cast firmware version. Check out this article on how to find your device’s firmware version or contact your device maker. 
  • A small set of users will need to use the ‘Device Utility app’ (DUA) to complete product installation and updates. You may receive a prompt to download and run DUA, and it will ensure that your device is connected to Wi-Fi and receives the most updated software version. 

We will continue to support our users and work to minimize any additional changes.


Google Nest team

Community Member

This was what I do....listen to a speaker group ... Now if my phone rings I have to run around and turn all of these down individually are you kidding me?!?! Google this is a complete joke! This is literally what people bought this for how could you guys put something in there that you didn't know we could keep! 

False advertising I want my money back!!!!

Community Member

Wait a minute, you have to be kidding me.  I have dozens of Google Home devices, including 6 Chromecast audios, that I purchased for the expressed purpose of being able to adjust while home audio. You're telling me you're just turning this feature off???  Sure, send me a refund for all my devices and I'll redo with another product. Waiting patiently for a lawyer to notice this obscene anti-consumer action.

Community Member

Google. You failed to complete a patent Search before you released products, you are one of the richest monolopolistic companies in the world, yet you'd rather shaft the users who have bought into the promises of easy-to-use houseful of Home Hubs, than pay a royalty for something you failed to discover.... What happened to 'Do no evil'? Support your users!!

Community Member

it'd be nice if google would stop censoring the play store reviews for the home app. seems like a legitimate place to note the loss of functionality vs the previous level.

feels like an abuse of power to withdraw functionality from existing devices and then delete any reviews pointing out.

Community Member

1/9/22 - day 3 of disabled functionality prevents mirroring my device to cast audio to speaker groups. My Chromecast array of 15 stations and 30 speakers is now worthless. Im back to using Bluetooth on a single portable speaker! When will you supply a solution, Google? I'm counting the days, or will there be a refund soon?

Not applicable

Wait, We're no longer able to work with speaker groups. I have 3 different brand connected in speaker group Pioneer, Harman Kardon, chrome case audio soundbar.  I have bought these in good faith to be fully functional with the Google home system. So basically I should have bought Sonos to avoid this from happening. How is this even possible. Then the ending of the statement "we work to minimize additional changes, Thanks" really what else is coming our way. This is unacceptable! 

Community Member

you completely broked how Nest Audio works with Windows 11 as a single bluetooth speaker.


Community Member

I think every person that has purchased a Google product that is affected by this upcoming change deserves either a full refund or a sizeable rebate for product features that wont be available anymore. This is actionable by law and can be brought to any respectable law firm to create a class-action lawsuit against not just Google but also Sonos. Since Google was at fault for using features from its competitor and trying to hide the fact that it stole intellectual property, Sonos was in the right to sue and win but since Google also lied about the legality of what it was uses, ie. the features that are being removed, the end user also has the right to file suit for similar issues. Maybe a proper lawyer can get the ball rolling here and this can actually either resolve the issue peacefully or cause Google to pay every person for every google devices, not just the devices that were purchased through their store. 

Community Member

Just pay the **bleep** royalty or offer a refund

Community Member

Totally unacceptable. The main reason I purchased Google home and Nest audio products was the speaker group functionality. You sold me the products with a promise that they fully supported group functionality, which is now a false advertisement. Pay Sonos licensing fees or give me a full refund. Anything short of that and I will never use a Google home or Nest audio product again.

Community Member

Why can't I cast my speaker groups?

I have 7 speakers. 

I'm wanting a refund

Community Member

how about finding a solution ?

Community Member

I'm not so bothered about the volume control, but you also took away the Cast Device Audio to speaker groups. I purchased 3 additional smart speakers specifically because of this feature. Please add it back!

Community Member

 get your story right. Stop talking about paying royalties, Google should buy a controlling stake in this company keep the hardware and dump the rest... 


Community Member

Have just added a one star review to the Home app on the Play Store. If Google decide to #PAYSONOS and "upgrade" my multiple Nest speakers to do what it used to, I'd be happy to upgrade my review too.


I work hard for my money Google, so when I give it to you for your products (speakers, storage, phone etc.) I expect you to treat me well as a user.


The Nest service was janky before but stripping features because you lost a lawsuit is just outrageous.

Community Member

What the hell is going on, @GoogleNestTeam ? For days I've been unable to use voice commands to control the volume of ANY device other than the one I'm speaking directly to - not just speaker groups. I contacted Nest support, and they just told me they were aware and to wait longer for the software engineers sort out the problem. Two days later and nothing has been fixed.

If I try to "set the Living Room TV to 20%" from the Nest Hub called "Living Room Display", it sets the Nest Hub's volume to 20%.

If I try to "set the Living Room TV to 20%" on my phone, it sets the phone's media volume to 20%.

Everything I try only sets the volume of the device I'm speaking to. I'm seeing the same behavior attempting to control the volume of third-party devices connected to my Google Home via Home Assistant. This was a feature I used several times a day. (And one of the few I used so regularly!)

I have:

- 2 Nest Hub Maxes
- 4 Nest Hubs
- 4 Nest Minis
- 1 Google Home Max
- 3 Android TV-based devices

(And plenty more money to spend on a company that will treat me right.)

They will be my last, unless you can find a way to fix this soon.

Community Member

Here's my(kind of) work around for muting/unmuting my speakers for phone calls ect.


My Work routine which starts my speakers and sets the volume.My Work routine which starts my speakers and sets the volume.Muting my speakersMuting my speakersUn Muting my speakersUn Muting my speakers

Community Member

@fubie I'm curious to know how your "work tunes" routine is working out for you.  It's been my experience that the volume will only adjust on the device that the routine is running on.  The volume level on all of the other devices remains unchanged.

Community Member

This is again due to frivolous patents being dolled out. When the telescope was invented, the patents clerks of the time determined that a patent was not warranted because placing two lenses in line and encasing them in a tube was a natural progression from the invention of the lens. The invention of the lens was a new technology and warranted the patent, the telescope was an application of an existing technology and did not. Anyone could have proposed this and three inventors in 3 different countries at the time did. By the same token the remote volume control of a single speaker might be considered a new technology, but the remote control of a group of speakers is an application of the first. Patents should only be given out for the invention of a totally new technology. If it's an application of an existing technology, it should not be given a patent!

Community Member

I know the  complaints here are not particularly intimidating, but "Google", if you are out there, you need to make this "speaker group volume control thing" right. It's not a good look, and only contributes to mistrust of big tech in general. Do the right thing: fix it, buy the licensing rights, or compensate your customers. You can afford it now, or you can pay later through further regulation...

Community Member

And please stop giving me a gold star for posting here...we need answers to the speaker control issues resulting from Google's loss of the Sonos lawsuit, not a cheerful announcement that begins: " Hey everyone..."

Community Member

So I returned both of my Nest Audio speakers today to bestbuy/walmart.   They were both within the holiday extended return period.


I also disconnected my google mini smart speaker permanently.  This one I have had for a couple of years so it will just go into the trash or perhaps I will use it with the microphone turned off in my classroom.

I went out and purchased 2x  Apple HomePod mini's and hope apple releases a bigger variety in the near future with a screen or something... I will buy that too.  Their microphones and functionality is so much better.   Goodbye Google and congratulations. I wont buy your products anymore-- I really don't need to with such great alternatives that do not sell my data to 3rd parties like you do.  Apple has demonstrated that their products not only age well, but that they are willing to pay other companies like Sonos for patents to preserve the user experience for their market base.  I paid $20 more per speaker than my Nest Audio and now I can raise and lower volume like I used to pre-lawsuit.    Wish I had made this switch sooner!

Community Member

Controlling volume should be the most basic thing on a group of speakers. If you can't easily control the volume of your speakers, what's the point then? This render my whole-house music network (speaker group) utterly useless.

I want a refund.

What are you doing Google, forcing us to get Sonos instead? Unbelievable. 

Community Member

5 Google Nest mini´s, 4 Nest Audio´s and a Chromecast Audio connected to a subwoofer as a a multiroom speaker system, now pretty worthless, since we cannot control the volume in a descent way.

One good thing is that still have all the packing material in the garage. So it will all go back to the retailer.

What a scam

Community Member

Not 100% disappointed in Google.

Sonos is a trash company anyway, they'll just brick your products once they're done supporting it.

Probs had a lose in revenue, but it wouldn't be JUST from Google infringing patents, its because of their own company practices. Who wants to purchase a product willingly, knowing that at SOME point down the track when supoort stops for the that device, you'll have an expensive paperweight?

Long story short, f*** Sonos.

Community Member

Pay SONOS the **bleep** royalty and get on with it...we know you have the money Google.

Community Member

I have had it with Google Home.

I have invested heavily in your products and use them in both speaker group and standalone mode. I have remained invested even while I persevered with the eccentricities of the Google Home app. 


1) The removal of the speaker group volume control is critical to the speaker group functionality and renders it almost useless

2) I am now unable to set the volume on ANY device as single speaker or in a group  via a timed routine. This is the same for all Home, mini and Chromecast audio devices. I can no longer rely on ANY google home device to provide an effective alarm service via a routine.

It speaks volume (pun intended) to the priorities of Google as you will undoubtedly have run this decision through numerous PR "think groups". By disabling the volume functionality you have taken the decision to treat your customers with contempt while you legally posture for your own ends.

Shame on you 

Community Member

1 nest max, 4 nest hubs, 1 nest hub max, 6 nest speakers 1 home.

how do i get  refund ? 


Community Member

Wow, Google. What happened to you?

Community Member

I am not at all happy that Google have stripped away yet more usability/features from the Home App.
Namely remving functionallitly around speaker groups.
I have a lot of google home products and it is unacceptable that the features I want most have now gone.
Turning up speaker groups with hardware buttons when the screen is off and being able to alter all volumes of the whole group at once.

I wouldnt have purchased the products without this functionalitly.
To think I, and many others, will accept this and roll over is an oversight from google and a massive slap in the face.

I want a refund or rebate as recompense for the situation

Community Member

Quick update here.  This has been my experience so far with my "customer support" dealings

Waited for 4 hours to chat online on Friday

Was transferred to an e-mail resolution team, who assured me the case would be handled by the end of Friday.  I neve recevied a single e-mail

I opted for calling in on Saturday, and was placed on hold for 45 minutes and then disconnected.

I tried the online chat again on Saturday.

I once again tried the online chat this morning, and guess what.  They told me I would be contacted via e-mail again.

Kicking the can down the road on this one, eh @GoogleNestTeam 

Community Member

오늘 확인해보니 구글 스피커그룹이 안되던데 내가 뭔가 잘못한줄 알고 재설치 몇번하다가 알고보니 그룹스피커 컨트롤 기능이 법적 소송 때문에 막혔다는걸 검색뉴스 통해서 알았내요...


구글 코리아는 뭐합니까? 이런거 공지 안해주나요? 아놔...


집안에 4개 네스트미니 설치해놨는데 우째자는거죠?  그룹볼륨기능 안되니 그리 알아라? 하... 구글이 이런 수준 밖에 안되었던가????


Community Member

We have 1 hub max 10" display, a gen 1 hub display and total of 12 minis throughout 2 homes and detached garage. The wife is non technical and used voice to control her volume for her music and radio station, i also used  voice volume control all the time as i wfh. I had gone back and forth with google support on twitter, telling them of the problem starting on Dec 18th, they would constantly ask me to do this or that, involving factory resets, power cycling 10 times, taking video of google response to my voice commands and so on, all the time they knew the reason, no transparency google! This is sad, disappointing and for me always loving google, very unexpected. Like everyone else says, you need to pay for rights so your equipment works as advertised or come up with a good acceptable work around.

Community Member

So the Smart Assistant isn't so smart anymore. It's not even an assistant. I now own a bunch of speakers that are useless to me. It's like walking into a HiFi-store to buy a stereo system, and the salesman says: "By the way, the amplifier has no volume control, but if you find the volume too loud you can always pull out one of the speaker cables". Convenient, isn't it..?

Seriously, this is not ok! What is worse is that we don't even get an excuse. One of the major features are gone and Google consider it as "some changes".

Community Member

1/10/22 - day 4 of disabled functionality prevents mirroring my device to cast audio to speaker groups. My Chromecast array of 15 stations and 30 speakers is now worthless. Im back to using Bluetooth on a single portable speaker! When will you supply a solution, Google? I'm counting the days, or will there be a refund?

Community Member

My daughter found a way around this. Start your music app. play a song. At the top, click the TV icon Speaker groups can be cast from there.

Googl, youre a thief

Community Member

Why would anyone approve this change? If I can't control my assistant devices with voice commands then what's the point in owning them? 

Community Member

Well, wish I knew that before I filled all our rooms with Google speakers instead of Sonos a couple of years ago. 

Not often you see products getting worse, and this seems so annoying where it used to be great.


Very disappointed. 

Community Member

Wtf that must be a joke?? So pls just pay the royalty to Sonos.. what evil idea is it to shrink the user features??? This is the only part of googles "smartspeakers" where they are better than Alexa especially in combining the system with the Chromecast audio adapter.. 

Community Member

Like everyone else i think this sucks and makes my speakers loose 90% of its useability.

I change the volym on groups Daily and to do that to the 14 speakers i have in my house is not something anybody want to spend 10 minuts doing before each time I want to listen to music. 

Community Member

You've not only taken away key functionality, you've ruined what is left. My Home app no longer has a volume control for my Nest Hub Max and mixes up this device with my phone and/or my TV. 

Time for a rethink...or you could just pay up. Shows what you really think of your customers.

Community Member

Hey google, you truly are a faceless, feckless, foolish, fraudulent, flatulent, scurrilous, soulless, shyster, evil, clueless, dirty, rotten, bully, meany, tone-deaf, larcenous, trollish, unscrupulous, diabolical, scummy, brazen, unprincipled, unethical, immoral, amoral, consciousless, exploitative, dishonest, dishonorable, untrustworthy, cunning, corrupt, shameless, guileful, furtive, unsavory, disreputable, wicked, villainous, degenerate, shady, venal, crooked, dastardly, dodgy, ignoble, roguish collection of scam artists, aren't ya? 

Community Member

Why is Sonos able to patent that tech, if anyone deserves the patent, its probably apple with Air Play and being apple to control the volume of stereo speakers, which is a group of 2 speakers' is it not???? from your phone/idevice/apple device since it was created, with their physical volume keys

Community Member

Anyone here reminded of the google home minis useless top buttons XD

Community Member

Come one why the Duck was this not in order before selling units, for years I might add. what about stereo paired speakers what about them?????? 

Community Member

Hey @GoogleNestTeam, please buy Sono

Thank you.😊

Community Member

This is disgraceful. I have invested in an entire set-up that now doesn't do as was advertised. 

Google, pay for the usage rights for this feature and keep your loyal customers happy.

Community Member

"you’ll notice a few changes" : are you serious, Google?

The speaker group volume is a KEY FEATURE of Nest speakers, you just cannot remove it.

So, 2 options :

- pay the royalties to Sonos

- or pay better lawyers.

But we DO want this feature 100% working. 

Florian from France

Community Member

Bought into entire Google ecosystem for more than 5 years. 3 Chromecast audios, chromecast TV, 3 nest minis and ordered last week a nest audio, which will be returned as soon as I receive it. Just subscribed to Amazon music HD for the same cost as YouTube music. Alexa here I come.

Community Member

For some background info on Sonos and their decision to start fighting back against the giant tech bullies, read this article.