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Cam wont setup and floodlight can't be used without floodlight. What are my options?

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I have 5 Nest cams. And am having issues with two. Long story short, I removed one form my account and now that I need it again it wont set back up because it never gets discovered. I have a second one (a floodlight cam) that stopped using direct power and now drains so it sits on an empty battery for weeks at a time (hate grabbing a ladder to recharge every 2 -3 days). Since that cam still technically works, I decided to swap the one that doesnt for the floodlight cam. But now that I mounted it away from the floodlight, it says its ready to use and to mount it to the flood lights so it I can see the feed, basically it also became useless. Can it be used as a regular cam without the floodlight? I already lost a cam since they dont seem to want to reconnect to my network, I dont want to factory reset this one and lose a second one.  So what are my options? I fear I will go nowhere and eventually this post will get locked without resolution like the others I've seen for similar topics (cam wont reconnect or floodlight stopped using direct power). Common issues with little help provided. Google needs to do better. 




You might be better off contacting Support, you can use the link and instructions in this post in this forum:

Depending on your locale and the time of day, you should get phone callback, chat, and email options.

When you removed the one camera from your account, did you also perform a factory reset?

With the floodlight camera whose battery won't remain charged, was the USB plug seated firmly in the bottom of the camera? Some customers have had problems with these newer USB plugs seating firmly and maintaining contact. Or maybe there's some defect in the floodlight fixture preventing continuous power to the camera; other customers have complained about the battery in their floodlight camera not remaining charged. (Otherwise, it should remain charged unless your floodlight camera is on a switched circuit that is not on all the time.)

My guess is that the battery camera that was part of your floodlight camera was somehow configured when it was shipped to work as a floodlight camera, which would account for how it is behaving when you removed it from the floodlight fixture. I have no idea whether removing it from your Google Home app and doing a factory reset would resolve the problem, because as customers we have no insight into how Google Nest configures the camera to think it's part of a floodlight fixture.

(We've had a battery camera for 23 months, plugged in with the optional power cable, and it's remained charged and "Live" the whole time.)

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I decided to risk it and did a facotry reset and it worked! it connected and asked me if I wanted to use it as a floodlight cam or regular cam, so everything seems to be fine now. I still have the issue with the other one not connecting but I guess resolving one out of two issue sisnt too bad for now. thanks



If you can't get the other camera to factory reset and become discoverable, I have seen a few posts from customers whose camera or doorbell simply would not perform a factory reset, and have gotten replacements.

You could try contacting Support, using the link and instructions in this post in this forum:

Thank you so much! just started a second post for this specific issue because I noticed the camera that did work had a blue light when factory reset, the one that isnt working has a green light. so Im wondering if it still thinks its connected? definitely isnt on my home app though so no idea how to factory reset it if thats the case. You rlink should help. thanks again!


If you aren't getting a blue light, the factory reset hasn't occurred.

A link to factory reset instructions for the battery camera is below; you'll have to scroll down to reach the appropriate instructions:

Sometimes it's tricky getting the reset button to depress so that the factory reset actually occurs.

Thanks for the link, I thought removing it from the app was enough, didn't realize it had an actual reset button. Everything's back up and running! Thanks again for all your help! 

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Hey Juanarcin,


I’m happy to hear that! Thanks for sharing your resolution with the Community. Let me know if you have other questions or concerns.


I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer.


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