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Can’t factory reset Nest battery doorbell and unable to contact tech support

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Today my Nest Battery Doorbell went offline and never reconnected. When I went to check it, it appeared to be dead. I brought in and it wont do anything, tried charging via the USB port and nothing. I’ve followed the instructions to factory reset, but that doesn’t do anything, all I get is a white light, never the yellow light, even keeping it held down for 30 seconds it doesn’t do anything.

I have also tried to contact google support, the hours of operation says 24hrs, but no matter if I try chat or call me, all I get is a message saying try during support hours.

What should I do? The doorbell is only a few months old.




That's not good at all. Have you used the "Contact us" link when trying to contract Support?  The few times we've used it, we got a callback in about a minute.

1. Go to
2. Select a category/product family, and type in a brief description of the issue, then click "Next".
3. Click "Other", then click "Next step".
4. Under "Resources", just click "Next step". (Clicking one of the listed links will bring up a Help page page.)
5. Under "Contact options", choose to get a phone call or chat with the team, depending on availability in your country.

Hello, Partly the issue was being unable to contact support, no matter if I selected Chat or Call me all I would receive is a message is saying try again during opening hours. There is some sort of issue with that process. 

Fortunately I was able to make contact via Google Store (where I bought it from), with a replacement now on the way. 

my doorbell has exactly same issue as you, suddenly went offline, couldn't reconnect, can't recharge and can't do factory reset, there is no yellow light after pressing over 20s. what a bad quality, I only owned it for a few months.