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Cannot re-add Doorbell to Google Home App

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I was able to reinstall 2 Speakers, 5 displays and all other devices back into my Google Home after changing router and keeping same SSID and password. However, when I try to add my Next Wireless Doorbell, everything appears to work, it connects to my wifi but then it stops the "device set up" and this message appears on the screen "There was a problem communicating with Google. Try Again." In the bottom right corner of my phone screen is a "button" that says "Exit setup". The only thing you can do is exit set up and start over, but the same thing happens each time.
The light on the camera goes from pulsing white to yellow initially during reset, then pulses blue throughout the entire process including quitting the app and restarting the process to find and re-add.

I have tried factory resetting the next wireless doorbell then trying to add the device again but it keeps saying there was a problem communicating with Google. It finds the wifi network and either uses the pw from device or I plug in the password...says it connects but always ends with the Trouble communicating with Google message. My router shows the doorbell making connection and obtaining an IP Address, I TRIED 7 DIFFERENT WIFI Networks, all 2.4 or 5 nothing more, and using 4 devices (2 folds, an S23, iPad)


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Hello VDashjian,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues with the Nest doorbell. I appreciate you sharing all the steps you’ve tried to fix the trouble. Let’s check it out.


Please try the additional steps below:


  1. Check for available Android system or iOS updates and install them if there’s any.
  2. Uninstall the Google Home app.
  3. Restart the mobile device.
  4. Re-install the Google Home app.
  5. Save any video history on the device, if any.
  6. Unmount the device, connect the doorbell to the USB cable and charger, then locate the reset pinhole.
  7. Insert and hold the pin (you can use an unfolded paper clip or a thumbtack).
    1. At 10 seconds, the status light will blink yellow four times, and you’ll hear a countdown tone.
    2. At 12 seconds, the status light will be steady, solid yellow while the doorbell starts the factory reset, and you’ll hear a confirmation tone.
  8. Release the button. Your device will restore to its factory settings.
  9. After the factory reset, your device will appear as "offline" in the app until you remove it. Also, the status should be pulsing blue. If not, start over from step 3.
  10. To remove it from the app, open the app, then tap Settings > Remove Device > Confirm. (Skip this if it's already done.)
  11. Make sure the phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the selected network for the Nest device.
  12. Bluetooth should be enabled, but it should not be connected to any Bluetooth devices. Disconnect any Bluetooth devices paired to your phone, such as earbuds, smartwatches, etc.
  13. Cellular data should be turned off.
  14. If you have an iOS device, tap Settings > Privacy > Local Network and turn on Local Network Access for the Google Home app.
  15. Start adding the device back to the Google Home app. 

Here’s a guide to help you troubleshoot connecting to the app during setup.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.




Thank you for your response Lance


I followed your instructions and uninstalled the Google home app I checked for updates on my Galaxy fold 3. Surprise to find an update pending I went ahead and installed it and rebooted the device. Have to reboot I checked once again for any pending updates and there were none


Now mind you my doorbell was already removed from the Google home app which is when this all began


Reinstall Google home launched without any Bluetooth devices connected or mobile data plan enabled.


I reset the camera to factory default it recognizes there's a new doorbell camera I try to add it and it connects to the camera goes all the way through to the finishing up this may take a while as it usually does and several minutes later I have the same problem.


There was a problem connecting to Google please factory reset your device and try again


I do want to mention that at one point there was a sonoff hub connected to the network but has since been removed.

I have found a few other posts regarding sonoff devices interfering with Google home app

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As mentioned before device connects and picks up ip address bound to it by Mac address so it's getting on my network but something prevents it from talking to Google?



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Community Specialist

Hi everyone,


@VDashjian, thanks for getting back to us with your update. To further isolate this issue, try setting up a mobile hotspot with your other mobile phone then connect your main phone in that hotspot and set up your Nest Doorbell in that same hotspot. You may also try creating a new home structure and add your Nest Doorbell. Share here the screenshot of the message if it fails.


Looking forward to your response.


I appreciate the help, Lance.




so unfortunately the results were what i did not want to see


i was able to get the doorbell to connect and complete setup using hotspot of mobile as wifi network. however, after there was no way to change wifi networks so i reset and attempted to join my network again but it can never complete

so what is stopping it from completing to connect when using my home wifi. its getting ip address but stops there

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey VDashjian,


I gotcha. Since you successfully installed the Nest doorbell using a mobile hotspot, I’d suggest revisiting your home Wi-Fi settings. You may need to configure the firewall settings or MAC address filtering options. If you're not familiar with these network settings, contact your ISP and ask them to help you view and change these settings.


Keep me posted.


Thanks for chiming in, Emerson.