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Cannot save video history

Community Member

I have had the device for one day and already the need has arisen to delete an individual video.

Unfortunately there seems to be no way to retain video history under these circumstances.

Since this will inevitably happen repeatedly and often, this device does not have the ability to perpetually retain recorded video.

I am now frustratingly having to consider returning the device as I would like to be able to keep my recordings.

Seeing as I have found threads documenting this critical issue for over a year, I can only assume that it is intentional by the product designers and will never be fixed.

For almost $200 I should have this basic functionality. I don't know why the developers would ignore the issue of not being able to retain video recordings.




You will need a Nest Aware or Nest Aware Plus subscription if you want more than event video history for the most recent 3 hours. With a new camera you can sign up for a 30-day free trial Nest Aware subscription.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi everyone,


@mattswest, thanks for reaching out here in the Community. What MplsCustomer has shared is right on the spot. In case you're interested in getting a Nest Aware subscription, you may check our public article "Nest Aware basics".


I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer.