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Doorbell camera

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We’ve had Nest doorbell for awhile, but recently I had to close my email and get a new phone! I’m trying to get doorbell back on my phone and I’m getting error message that says “This Nest doorbell is connected to another account.”  “To continue with setup the camera needs to be removed from its previous account. I AM THE PREVIOUS ACCOUNT!!!


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Hello @Cg65,

Just to clarify, when you say close your account are you talking about your email account or the cell phone plan you were on?

Would you have happened to use a different Gmail address on the old phone that you connected the Nest Doorbell to? Did ypu share access to the Nest Doorbell with any other usees in the Google Home app?

Answering these questions will help me get this working for you.




Google Nest's install process only knows that your doorbell is already installed on an account; it is not smart enough to know that it is YOUR account.

If you want to install your 2nd Gen Google Nest Doorbell under a different Google (gmail) Account, Google Nest's process is to first remove it from the previous Google Account in the Google Home app:

Since it looks like you may not have done that, you could try doing a "factory reset" of your doorbell: