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Downloaded video sound does not synch with recording

Community Member

Hello. I have video clips that will not play accurately (sound does not synch with the event....the sound is actually ahead of the clip by about 5 seconds). If I save it as Quicktime (instead of Mediaplayer), the video and sound is fine. The problem is, when I attach a Quicktime video to send to someone in email, the video needs to be downloaded a second time! I'm trying to send several videos to the police and don't want them to have to download each video, then open each video (as opposed to just clicking on the video and watching it). What can I save the video as to prevent this? (As I mentioned, Mediaplayer throws the sound off, so that won't work). Thank you in advance.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello 69bronco,


Thanks for posting in the Community. I’m sorry you’re having issues with this. Don’t worry; I’m here to help.


Could you please clarify which app you are using to download the video clips? Are you using the Google Home app or the Nest app?


If you're using the Nest app, you can create a link to share the video clip. Anyone who has the link can watch your clip.


Keep me posted.