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For sale a bunch of Nest and Google cameras

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For sale, a whole bunch of Google Nest outdoor battery and Nest cable supply cameras. Also three indoor Nest cameras. youngest not even a year old, the oldest maybe three years. 

Be aware that you'll spend the rest of your time fixing issues with connectivity, streaming issues and better not to buy a new router and change your wifi SSID. 

Be prepared to live with a system that has been split over two different platforms where the old camera's should - but won't - migrate to the Google Home platform. 

One of the platforms is quite capable - but not Google's favorite - considering the deterioration in service and server response time. The other is relatively fast but lacks any functionality you expect from a video surveillance system. 

Really only buy this stuff if you can get it cheap which mine is. Actually I give this crap away to anyone who's willing to pick it up in person and bring me a pint of IPA beer. 


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Spend days to reconnect my Google Cameras back to my Home but can't after they disappeared. Google Home won't work with Google Cams on a Google Network.