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Google Nest Cam Outdoor Power Adapter

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This is absurd. I have 5 google nest cams, a nest doorbell, google mesh, etc. I am a loyal google customer. I have a power adapter on one of my nest cam outdoor cameras that is not functioning and I need a replacement. Google is telling me that since I am out of warranty, not only can they not provide a free replacement, but there is no option to purchase one!! How is this possible. They're basically telling that even though they have the part, they won't allow me to purchase it from them. Would apple ever prevent us from purchasing a replacement charger or mouse or keyboard etc? Absolutely not. Perhaps I just had a terrible customer service experience. I tried to send a follow up email to customer service, but the same fool I dealt with the first time emailed me back and told me he couldn't help me. As an owner of 8 devices, I would think customer service would be a little bit better. They should overnight me a replacement in fact. But no. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks much...



@Brad  and @MelbaDT 

As a Google Nest Community Specialists, can you please ask Google Nest to resume selling power adapters for the Google Nest Outdoor Cameras (and Google Nest IQ Cameras)?

We own three Google Nest Outdoor Cameras that are 30 months, 22 months, and 17 months old, and have been seeing posts like this one in this forum from customers whose power adapters are now failing. We are now worried about what we will do if our power adapters fail.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there,


I just wanted to jump in real fast and thank you for your feedback. Please feel free to submit your feedback to us. I've put instructions for feedback below.


  • Open the Google Home app

Google Home app

  • At the top right, tap your account.
  • Tap Feedback 

and then

  • tap the type of device you'd like to submit feedback for.
  • To display available emails, in the "From:" section, tap the arrow on the right. Select your email address.
  • In the feedback summary, write a brief description of your issue.
  • Be sure to check the box for Screenshot and System logs.
  • To submit feedback, at the top right corner, tap Send 


If you need anything else, please let me know.

Best regards,