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Google/Nest Cam charging

Community Member

I have a OutDoor Nest Cam (Battery). It has been working just fine until I needed to charge it. I am using the included cable and have tried 3 different power adapters. When plugged in overnight, it does not charge. I have ensured the cable is oriented the correct way. I feel I have a faulty unit. Please advise.





When our Google Nest Camera (Battery) is plugged in (which it is all the time, with the optional 10-meter power cable feeding towards the FRONT of the camera [as odd as that seems]), it shows a "Live" feed when we click on it in the Google Home app, and if we go to Settings | Battery, it shows as "Plugged in" with an infinity symbol in a circle.  (We can only find out the battery charge level in Settings | Battery if we disconnect the power; ours always shows 100%..  When it's not plugged in, when we click on the camera in the Google Home app, it shows as "Idle".) 

I don't know if it is supposed to behave the same way when plugged in with the included short cable.